Remembering those who have died; looking to the future

I have anniversaries for two important people in my life coming up in January. First there is Pam, who was my partner and wife for many years and Ted a friend of many years. I find myself reflecting on them, and other people in my life, and their lives and how it relates to the life I am living now. As I get older, I guess, the past becomes bigger and the future smaller and the memories of what has been becomes more important. When Pam doied of cancer I set my best memorial to her as being living my life to the full, so I made the most of the years given to me that weren’t given to her.

That’s a lot harder than it seems. There are so many ways we shrink back from living such a full life. there are dreams of what I would like to do, places I would like to visit, people I would like to meet. Some will be easier than others. For some the hurdle is having enough money, but mainly the greeatest hurdle is having to courage to stand up and go forth doing what is truly in your heart. That reminds me of Joseph Campbell’s saying “Follow your bliss” and he assures us that when we do the road opens up before us to help our dream come true. We have the choice of being pawns in creating other people’s dreams, or we can be the creator of our own dreams.


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